Welcome to VINSA

Are you:
  • a recruitment business involved in international business
  • a company which has temporary workers or
  • an international contractor?

Do you want to ensure that you remain within the law and manage your risk from tax; social security; immigration; employment and labour-leasing law wherever you or your workforce may be working?

If so, you should know that VINSA is a world leader in workforce management solutions and our expertise lies in:

  • Ensuring full compliance with all the tax and other legal requirements in the work country.
  • Ensuring that the workforce uses all the available legal means to maximise their net take-home pay.
  • Simplifying the procedures and workload associated with managing a temporary workforce so that every contractor; recruitment agency and company can focus on its own core competencies and business. ?

If controlling your risk; saving your money and conserving your time is of interest to you and your business then please read on or contact VINSA now at enquiries@vinsa.org

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